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EazyDraw 10.10.0

EazyDraw mac cracked apps – is a vector drawing application. The journey from Jaguar to El Capitan has been the pioneering application of the new vector drawing paradigm on the Mac.


EazyDraw is a productivity tool for the expression and transmission of knowledge. Words alone are rarely adequate to communicate Information, concepts and ideas. Amplify the expression of your creativity with integrated text, symbols and diagrams.

EazyDraw provides a balanced feature set that includes tools needed for technical drawing, web and App graphic design, print publishing, logos, page – text layout and more. Easy enough for everyone but with the depth your project will need.

Includes comprehensive support for bitmap and vector graphic formats: Import and ungroup for edit PDF, and EPS. Import and export SVG and now DXF. Preview and publish to EPS and TIFF with RGB or CMYK process colors. Exchange scaled CAD drawings using DXF. Preview and publish wide gamut colors for web graphics. Create macOS, iOS, and watchOS app development graphics with Display P3 colors.

EazyDraw provides full native support for SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) file format. With EazyDraw you may import and edit SVG, EPS, and PDF vector drawings. Export formats include: SVG, PDF, EPS, JPG, TIF, Favicon, Keynote and others.

Wide color gamut enhances the visual experience on compatible displays.

Newer Macs (powerBooks, and iMacs late 2015 and newer) have displays that provide P3 Colors. The P3 color space has a much wider color gamut than sRGB. Simple terms: colors can be brighter on a P3 screen. Actually there are two requirements to see these brighter colors, the App must support and present P3 colors and the display must be a P3 display.

EazyDraw provides a balanced set of functions, including technical drawing, web and application graphic design, printing and publishing, buttons, page text layout and other required tools. It’s easy for everyone, but your project needs depth.

Includes full support for bitmap and vector graphics formats. Import and ungroup to edit PDF and EPS. Import and export SVG and now DXF. Use RGB or CMYK print color preview and publish to EPS and TIFF. Use DXF to exchange scaled CAD drawings. Publish Web graphics. Create Mac, iPhone and iPad applications to develop graphics and icons.

  • This version supports macOS version 13 known as Ventura. We now have several weeks of testing on Ventura. There are no known problems with EazyDraw 10.7.4 on Ventura.
  • Corrected bugs related to import of Intaglio, SVG, PDF, PNG, and JPG when the default page layout includes a non-zero canvas margin. Imported graphics were not shifted to active design area. This is now fixed.
  • Further improvements for Intaglio import. Improved support for radial gradients. Improvements for centered text that is asymmetrically stretched.
  • Fixed possible crash importing bitmap images with 16 bit depth.
  • Corrected two SVG import parsing bugs. The problems relate to asymmetric scaling and text position.

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