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DxO PhotoLab

DxO PhotoLab 5 ELITE Edition

DxO PhotoLab mac cracked apps (DxO PhotoLab ELITE Edition) – DxO PhotoLab 2/3 is a streamlined and powerful photo processing application designed to help you automatically improve your images. When it is necessary to process RAW photos, application is converting the RAW sensor data to an output image with almost no artifacts, and will use an automatic adjustment algorithm to immediately correct the exposure by Alien Skin Exposure to prevent highlights from “burning MetaImage” .

DxO PhotoLab 2/3 Function introduction:

Various built-in image distortion repair tools

You can also restore some partially burnt highlights, otherwise your photos will be completely destroyed.

Can be used to correct all five possible optical distortions: vignetting, chromatic aberration (vertical and horizontal), geometric distortion and lens softness, just click a button.

Also provides high-performance noise reduction function, which allows you to take RAW or JPEG photos with ISO values ​​up to 100,000.

It is very easy to adjust the color of your photos with DxO PhotoLab 2/3

Its smart lighting feature will help you easily fine-tune the balance between overexposure and underexposure in your photos, which will make it easier for you to discover new details in photos, if not DxO PhotoLab.

A series of slider-based controls can be used to adjust the color of any photo, allowing you to customize the overall brightness of the image, the actual tone curve and white balance, thereby generating a more realistic image to see the snapshot.

A large number of image correction presets, designed to make it a must-have tool for quick one-click automatic image correction Any HEIC Converter

To make your photo enhancement workflow easier and easier, DxO PhotoLab also provides you with a variety of presets to help you apply a carefully selected set of image corrections based on the type of image you want to adjust.

As an additional benefit, DxO PhotoLab also has a minimalist look, but a very effective user interface, designed to help you customize and organize your photos as simple and fast as possible.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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