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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro 3.1

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro mac cracked app – Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a duplicate picture cleaner Software, it can find all duplicate pictures and close pictures on Mac and delete them, saving you valuable disk space.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Function introduction:

1, drag and drop folders/photos

Simply drag and drop folders to easily scan the photos inside. You can add more photos from your photos and iPhoto library and other folders with Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

2, set a custom comparison

You can completely customize your comparison settings by adjusting the settings according to your needs, regardless of image size or format.

3. Speed

In a few seconds of scanning and comparing a large number of photos, the duplicate photo repair procedure is very fast. This is because powerful algorithms were injected into the process of developing this tool, which made the search for duplicate photos very fast and gave good comparison results.

4. Efficiency/real-time results.

There is no need to compare photos again, you can recombine the comparison results by changing the match level on the slider in real time.

5, auto-mark copy

Use the auto-tagging function to tag all duplicate photos in each group, but different according to preference.

6, compact viewing

The way to copy the interface design of the photo repair program is that all the photos are divided into different groups, and each row is regarded as a big photo group.

7, quick browsing

Before moving forward and deleting photos, you can see them clearly, instead of opening them one by one, use this feature.

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