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Duplicate Finder and Cleaner

Duplicate Finder and Cleaner 1.0

Duplicate Finder and Cleaner mac cracked apps – is a super ultimate tool to eliminate duplicate and similar files even in bulk storage space on your Mac. This captivating tool works with multiple Photos Libraries, iPhone backups in mac as well as files from hard drives and external storages.

Duplicate Finder and Cleaner

Duplicate Finder and Cleaner will help you to get rid of all duplicate and similar files in your Mac by using an advanced comparison algorithm in just a click!Smart, precise & easiest tool to find and delete Similar-Looking Photos and Duplicate Files.If you wish to keep your photos library and folders organized and clutter free, Duplicate Finder and Cleaner is the easiest and best tool for you. It’s different from other similar and duplicate files finders because it compares files just on a click. It helps you to scan and delete Duplicate & Similar Files. It looks for similarities in your images and easily finds similar and duplicate files.


Quite Simple Way To Add and Search Files:Just drag and drop multiple Photos Libraries and folders in Scan List.

Supercharged Scanning:Duplicate Finder and Cleaner includes an optimised scanning algorithm. The entire process is smooth and extremely fast in finding duplicates and similars.

High Speed and Quality:An enhanced comparison algorithm is used in this tool to find quite similar, incredibly fast and accurate results.

Compact Viewing:Duplicate Finder and Cleaner has awesome interface from the perspective of users. This interface is divided into Grid View and Outline View. Each view has its own utility according to the needs of users. Grouping is a great way to classify all similar and duplicate files so that user can easily review all the results in a smooth way.

Marking Duplicates and Similar Automatically:Auto-Mark is a smart way for each group to preserve the best file in the group. The rest files will be marked which you would be able to delete or save in a selected folder. Auto-Mark depends on priorities set in Auto-Mark Standard.

Removal Methods:You would be able to delete all selected photos in three ways:A. Move to TrashB. Permanently DeleteC. Move to Selected Folder

Easily free up gigabytes of space by removing potentially thousands of unneeded duplicate files that are cluttering up your precious disk space!

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Screenshot of the software:​

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