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DSLR Assistant

DSLR Assistant 3.8.1

DSLR Assistant mac cracked app – DSLR Assistant is an auxiliary remote shooting software for SLR cameras running on the Mac OS platform. DSLR Assistant (picture browsing) allows you to remotely control Canon EOS cameras for continuous shooting and timed shooting.

DSLR Assistant Software function:

  1. Tethered shooting

Remotely control Canon EOS cameras from Mac via USB cable.

Automatically transfer all captured images to the hard disk.

The image is immediately displayed on the Mac screen.

Press the release button on the camera body or release the shutter remotely from the app.

When shooting, you can view live view from the camera on the Mac screen.

  1. Remote camera control

Automatically recognize the connected camera.

Most camera parameters (such as resolution, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, ISO, etc.) can be changed remotely. Although all options can still be set in the camera, it often makes more sense to make changes remotely.

When shooting with shallow depth of field, adjust the lens focus precisely.

Perform various photo tasks automatically.

  1. Instant image preview

Instantly preview the captured image on the large screen of the Mac when shooting.

Use trackpad gestures: scroll with two fingers and pinch to zoom.

Zoom in and zoom out the image.

Image histogram with red, green and blue channels.

Hover the mouse over the image to view the pixel color value in RGB, HSB and Lab space.

Identify the overexposed and underexposed areas of the image.

When recording photos, check the focus point used by the camera.

Check the EXIF ​​information describing the different parameters of the digital camera used when shooting.

DSLR Assistant

  1. Night mode

Dim the screen in a dark environment to maintain vision.

Make the screen red to better preserve the night vision effect.

  1. Live view

You can compose the picture without looking through the camera’s viewfinder, you can use the Mac screen instead.

Precisely adjust the lens focus.

Zoom in and zoom out the LiveView image.

Flip the real-time preview image horizontally.

  1. Interval shooting

Any number of sheets in the sequence.

User-defined time interval between two shots.

Start and end shooting at predefined times.

Taken on certain working days.

  1. Bracketing

Automatically capture images at different positions of the focal plane to increase the depth of field for macro shooting.

User-defined number of shots and the focusing distance between continuous shots.

Automatically capture a series of bracketed images for high dynamic range photography.

Any number of sheets in the sequence.

Greater dynamic range.

User-defined bracketing steps.

  1. Bulb mode

Set the shutter speed to more than 30 seconds.

  1. Picture library

Automatically organize captured images.

Supports tags in file and folder names.

Rate the image from within the app.

  1. Video recording

Record the LiveView video stream to a file.

Supported by Lion and later versions.

Mac cracked apps

DSLR Assistant Mac cracked app screenshot:

DSLR Assistant

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