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Drumforge DF CLARIFY

Drumforge DF-CLARIFY 1.5.0

Drumforge DF-CLARIFY mac cracked apps – Overhead and room recordings are extremely challenging to mix in Drumforge DF-CLARIFY. Regardless of the gear, room, and drum performance quality, there are still many corrections that need to be made to your cymbals so they sound pleasing in your mix. DF-CLARIFY is the first plugin targeted specifically at optimizing your cymbal recordings. It works by learning your source material and then intelligently applies a proprietary smoothing algorithm, developed from years of real world mixing experience, to your source recording. Remove the harshness and increase the clarity of your cymbal mixes today.

Drumforge DF-CLARIFY

TAKE CONTROL. GET TOTAL CLARITY.Whether your cymbals need a complete overhaul or minor adjustment, DF-CLARIFY allows you to quickly and easily achieve the perfect cymbal tone you’ve always sought after. Adjust the intensity of the clarity algorithm with the smooth knob. Focus where our proprietary algorithm applies its strength with the weight knob. Relax the top end of your cymbals in a pleasing way with the soften control. Give your cymbal recordings new dimension and increased musicality instantly in Drumforge DF-CLARIFY.

EXPERIENCE RESULTSWe developed our proprietary smoothing algorithm over many years of extensive testing and optimization in the real world to help you meet the increasingly fast-paced mixing demands of today. Our algorithm, which is highly sought after, has been utilized on many well received major label albums, charting radio singles, and broadcast television mixes. Now our secret weapon is yours to unleash in your own recordings. Never fall victim to cymbal harshness again with DF-CLARIFY.

Drumforge DF-CLARIFY FEATURES– Developed using a proprietary algorithm tested on many major artist recordings to improve the quality of your cymbal mixes– 3 Clarity Algorithms, real-time processing feature, and expanded controls– Increases clarity and intelligently removes harshness in the sound of your cymbal and room mic recordings– Precision tone shaping control with the smooth and weight knobs– Relax the top end of your cymbal recordings with the soften controls

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