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Dropshare 5.17

Dropshare mac cracked apps – is a lightweight and simple file sharing software that can Lets you share screenshots, files and entire folders easily and quickly using your own server. A simple menu allows you to upload or share files and folders securely using your own server or Amazon S3.

Dropshare introduction:

It is worth mentioning that in order to successfully use Dropshare, if you want to use Simple Storage Service (S3), you need to have a server of your choice and a valid SSH user account or Amazon AWS account.

Help you upload files safely and quickly and share files with friends, family or colleagues

Dropshare works with SCP through SSH. You need to provide an account and password or SSH key pair for public key authentication.

In addition, you need to install a web server on the server, which will serve the uploaded project from the target folder.

The unobtrusive and intuitive menu is designed to run in the background, and you can access some of these tools and functions through user-definable hotkeys or the status bar menu. The status bar menu helps you view recently uploaded items, check upload history and access the “Preferences” window.

Check upload history and track shared items

Dropshare can be configured to start automatically when you log in, and you can choose to enable or disable the notifications displayed through the notification center of OS X.

The Connection tab under the Preferences window helps you set up your SCP via SSH or Amazon S3 upload and enables you to test your connection before using the application.

More importantly, Dropshare is able to randomize the file name or keep the original file name, and use the required URL shortener to shorten the shared URL.

The most important thing is that Dropshare can also be configured to automatically upload screenshots at any given location, and when the upload is successful, delete the local screenshot file.

Randomize the file name, shorten the shared URL and easily personalize the landing page

In addition, the Dropshare utility allows you to use a login page for shared files and enables you to use custom designs that you can grab from the Internet or create your own.

All things are taken into consideration. If you are looking for an easy way to share apps with friends, these apps can also keep your ideas at any time, until you need it, Dropshare is one of them that can perfectly match you Required by the application.


Upload everything: Whether files, folders, text or screenshots Dropshare also uploads every file and data on the Clipboard or other applications (such as Safari) to the selected destination.

Automatic screenshot upload: screenshots can be uploaded automatically. Sharing them has never been easier, just taking a screenshot, waiting for Dropshare to upload it, and then you go!

Beautiful personal landing page: The application does not directly link to the uploaded file, but generates a clean login page for your upload. Choose from many free designs, or use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make your own personalized designs. Previews can be embedded for several file types, such as image, text or video files.

Choose your URL shortener: Dropshare supports URL shorteners and various natively supported URLs (such as or, or configure your own URL shortener service, such as (used Hosted service) or YOUURLS (for self-service).

One click: delete from your server. Whenever you decide that you no longer need to share a specific file, just use Dropshare to delete it from the upload target again.

Never forget your uploads: the complete history of all uploads is available, it allows you to copy the shared URL to the clipboard or delete the file again.

Markdown to HTML: If enabled, Dropshare automatically converts Markdown files to HTML.

Enable service: Dropshare introduces itself to the Mac OS X service menu. By doing this, you can perfectly use the tools provided by Mac OS X to create keyboard shortcuts for specific operations.

IPv6 is ready: It is worth mentioning that Dropshare works very well in an IPv6 environment. In order to ensure that Dropshare is suitable for you, please read the following technical requirements:

Secure Copy (SCP via SSH) to your own server: Dropshare itself supports SCP via SSH. There needs to be a running SSH user account on the server. You also need a password (for keyboard interactive verification) or an SSH key pair (for public key verification). Please note that both public and private keys need to be set. To display the uploaded file in a web browser, you need to install and configure the web server on the server.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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