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Drop – Color Picker 1.6.4

Drop mac cracked app – is a simple and practical color extraction software applied on Mac. The operation is simple. It is a color extraction software specially developed for developers and designer users. Use this software when you need the selected color. You can extract colors and save them.

Drop – Color Picker Features:

Drop is a delightful little color picker for developers and designers. Choose a color and it will be copied in your preferred format. It’s that simple.

Drop for mac cracked app software function

Zoom selector

Choose a pixel border? do not worry! You can use the scroll wheel or touchpad to scale the pickup freely.

Accurate Most color pickers (including Apple’s) do not choose the exact color value, because we must understand but you cannot understand. Drop allows you to choose the exact color by switching the color profile associated with the application you are picking.

Dark mode

For all fans of the dark side, we provide you with protection. Touch bar

This is correct, you can quickly access all colors directly from the fancy new Touch Bar. This is the most convenient way to quickly access colors. forever and always.

Just the format you use

Quickly switch between common formats you actually need to copy colors to: HEX, RGB, Swift UIColor, Swift NSColor, Objective-C UIColor, and Objective-C NSColor.


Save the colors in the palette later.


This application is built more than you can imagine TLC. These little details make everything different

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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