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Drive Scope 1.2.9

Drive Scope mac cracked apps – is a new program released by Micromat, which is defined as “the most complete utility program in the SMART market”. It is compatible with SSD and HDD (but not RAID), and collects and analyzes the status of Mac drives.

Drive Scope Features:

Drive Scope hard drives (and solid-state drives) are the most failure-prone components in the Mac. For this reason, in fact, drive manufacturers have built-in self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technologies in the drive. (A.k.a.SMART) Most utilities hardly reveal the surface of this information, and only need to report the basic elements: pass or fail. Generally, once a total failure occurs, there is not enough time to obtain important data from the drive. you can understand the health of most drives connected to your Mac.

Drive Health

With Drive Scope, you can see a complete picture of Drive’s health. Detailed information about every aspect the drive is monitoring is available for viewing. View each attribute that contributes to the health of the drive-detailed information. See which attributes are causing the overall failure and which attributes are only informational.

Control test

Usually, as long as it is convenient, the drive will check its SMART attribute. With Drive Scope, you can manually trigger the internal test of the drive to ensure that the SMART data is as up to date as possible. Check the last time the drive was tested using the drive test log.


When Drive Scope is opened for the first time, an information page is displayed, which summarizes all important information about the drive. Refer to Drive Scope’s advanced health assessment, as well as the number of errors encountered, and drive-specific model and capacity information.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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