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Doo 2.4.0

Doo mac cracked apps version is a task management software on the Mac platform. All tasks of Doo are displayed in card form, just like the card-based multitasking management of iOS 9: sliding up the card means completion, sliding down means delay, and moving left and right. Sliding means switching tasks. Of course, this is only switching display tasks, without interrupting or repeating tasks, and experiencing the same action as playing cards.

Doo Features:

Doo’s design only allows one card (task) to be displayed on the home screen. Unlike other apps, if you get a List to display tasks, the slackers will be intimidated by so many to-do items after a second. On a task, finishing one thing is one thing, without distraction.

Doo supports iCloud task synchronization, and the response speed is quite fast. Basically, you can start to synchronize data after launching the application. In addition, I accidentally discovered that Doo’s Mac version actually supports Split View.

Doo handles it very carefully. She will select the appropriate background image for the task card according to the content of the task you entered, combined with its own database keywords, but currently only supports English matching, just enter the book and it will display cartoon images such as books. Entering Gym will display cartoons of sports venues. When you enter too many notes in the Notes area of ​​the task creation, the application reminds you not to make the task too complicated, it is very considerate. In this way, the Mac client still supports the ability to transform into a Menubar to drag the menu, saving you valuable desktop space.

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Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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