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Donemax DMmenu

Donemax DMmenu 1.6

Donemax DMmenu mac cracked apps – Donemax DMmenu is designed to manage, optimize and boost Mac systems effectively. The app is full featured and can accomplish many tasks on Mac easily. As a comprehensive Mac management tool, it provides more than 8 main functions and other options for effective management. First, there are many functions in the app to optimize the Mac. You can close unnecessary tasks to free memory in the app. Also, it’s able to clean up junk files, uninstall unwanted apps, remove startup items to make sure the Mac computer run faster and smoothly. – Donemax DMmenu

Donemax DMmenu

What’s more, you can easily access any application, system preference, specified location by a single click from the software. Besides, it’s simple to manage all the powerful switches at one place. If you want to change brightness, volume, desktop background picture, the app can also help you with these options available. At last, the software can also easily format/rename hard drive, SSD, USB flash drive or safely eject external drives on Macs. Donemax DMmenu for Mac is an all-in-one tool to help you manage your iMac, iMac Pro, Mac pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and other Mac devices in different systems, ranges from Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) to the latest macOS 10.15 (Catalina).

Control Everything on a Mac with a Windows-style Start Menu’s Power
A Mac OS start menu with greater functionality than Windows start menus is called DMmenu. You can simply manage, monitor, and optimize your Mac system, disk drive, external device, apps, etc. with the aid of its more than 8 great tools.

Quickly speed up your Mac
You can examine your Mac’s memory and CPU use as well as its temperature with the aid of Memory Monitor. More importantly, you may speed up your sluggish Mac by closing all unnecessary tasks and applications with just one click.

Memory Monitoring All Programs -Donemax DMmenu
Quickly Open the desired app
DMmenu lists every application on your Mac, much like the Windows start menu, so you can discover and launch the one you need right away.

Visit Frequently Used Locations or Documents Conveniently
Use the Quick Visit option to quickly access Desktop, Disk Utility, Launchpad, My Documents, etc.

Manage All Strong Switches with One Quick Vist
Desktop Icons Hidden
Desktop Icons Hidden

One click will hide everything on your desktop. -Donemax DMmenu

Dock Hidden Dock

On the screen, hide the dock.

Shadow Mode
Shadow Mode

On your Mac, turn on dark mode.

Manifest hidden files
Manifest hidden files

On your Mac, show all hidden files. -Donemax DMmenu

Save Screen Saver Save Screen

screen saver, please.

Stay awake, stay awake

Keep your Mac awake at all times.

Do Not Interrupt
Do Not Interrupt

On a Mac, turn off notifications.

Evening Shift Evening Shift

With one click, go to night mode.


turn on Bluetooth connectivity. -Donemax DMmenu

More Potent Tools Are Required.
To manage your disk drive and optimize your Mac, DMmenu has some great features.

Junk Remover
Junk Remover

Quickly purge the Download and Trash bins of unnecessary files and stuff.


Remove all associated files and uninstall unnecessary programs.

Launchpad Item Manager
Launchpad Item Manager

Change the startup items.

Manage Disk Manage Disk -Donemax DMmenu

Format, rename, or eject the hard drive to manage the disk drive on a Mac.

Reviews by users All reviews >>

For first-time users, it is a really helpful tool. It helps manage apps, tasks, and more on Mac, similar to the Windows start menu.

Lisa, a DMmenu user

For a month, I’ve been using DMmenu. I want to tell all of my Mac friends about it. It is incredibly user-friendly and includes a ton of tools.

Paul, a DMmenu user

My Mac is sluggish, but with the help of DMmenu for Mac, I can quickly identify the cause and improve its performance. Amazing tool.

User of DMmenu Kevin

Tips and Advice
Added Mac Launch Menu
On a Mac, add a Start Menu

To manage a Mac system, it is simple to build a start menu in the Windows way. -Donemax DMmenu

Free Uninstaller Uninstaller

Use a free Mac uninstaller to remove undesirable programs and their associated files.

Accelerate Slow Mac
Accelerate Slow Mac

Simple methods to boost a sluggish Mac’s performance using the Mac start menu.

Mac disk formatting software

Simple methods for formatting and erasing Mac hard drives, fixing corrupted hard drives, etc. -Donemax DMmenu

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