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Digital Film Tools DFT

Digital Film Tools DFT

Digital Film Tools DFTDigital Film Tools DFT mac cracked apps – Digital Film Tools DFT is a more practical digital toolbox; it can quickly help users to simulate the optical filter of the camera, and includes various types of special effect functions, such as the flash of the lens, the fast color Symbols, film textures, etc .; this accessory pack includes quite a few plug-ins to make your use easier and faster.

Digital Film Tools DFT features:

1. General

Analog optical glass camera filter, special lens, film, lens flare, optical laboratory processing, particles, accurate color correction, natural light and photographic effects

112 independent filters

Thousands of customizable presets

2. Movie inventory and appearance

294 different colors and black and white still photography film library, movie film library and historical photography process

89 color grading presets from Oscar-nominated movies, including “2001 Space Walk”, “Modern Apocalypse”, “Blade Runner”, “Back to the Future”, “Frankenstein”, “Turbulent Times “Beauty”, “King Kong”, “Saving Ryan” and “Titanic”

68 stylized colors and black and white appearances

3. Lighting

331 optical lens flare presets, divided into anamorphic, circular, polygonal, star, explosive and stylized categories

193 different lighting gels to color your images

The Gobo library for lighting effects includes 751 gobos, which are divided into “abstract”, “door”, “element”, “leaf”, “snowflake”, “texture” and “Windows” 4. Group < / p>

Image version

Painting system including black / white, blur, clone, color, eraser, mosaic, red eye, repair and spread brushes

Image effects, including lossless cropping, rotation, and scaling

Layered system of multilayer filters

Complex but easy-to-use mask tool

Effect parameter change generator

Batch processing

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

Digital Film Tools DFT

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