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Dicey dungeons

Dicey dungeons 2.0.1 (57307)

Dicey Dungeons mac cracked app – Dicey dungeons is a strategic game project that will send you into the world of fantasy and face unforgettable adventures. You will take on the role of a brave hero who will go on a distant, dangerous, but at the same time very exciting journey. You will become part of an unusual world in which all processes and important decision-making are created by throwing a die. Explore the world around you, find useful items and learn new skills.

Dicey dungeons

He faced numerous challenges that can only be solved with the help of ingenuity and strategic thinking. By throwing the dice, you will be able to predict the future, so always be ready for the most unexpected turns of events. First, choose a suitable hero for yourself, of which there are six types in the game, each with its own characteristics and differences. There are special rules in the world and to be successful you need to stick to them. It will not do without battles with serious opponents who are ready to do everything possible in order to destroy you on the spot. Upgrade the main character, complete challenges and explore each location to achieve your goal. – Dicey dungeons

Play as six different characters with unique abilities and play styles.

The thief steals random equipment from the enemy every turn!

The robot gets the dice by playing blackjack for luck!

The Engineer is full of creative ideas and after each battle destroys his equipment in order to assemble a new powerful device from the parts!

and many others!

Master each class and decide for yourself which one suits your style of play in this enchanting world, where more secrets and plot twists are revealed. -Dicey dungeons

Will you be able to survive here? Who knows, because luck is clearly not on your side!

“It is going to be hard for anything on mobile to top this for me” – TouchArcade Game of the Week

Become a giant walking dice and battle to the end of an ever-changing dungeon! Can you escape the cruel whims of Lady Luck?

In this new fast-paced deckbuilding roguelike from Terry Cavanagh (Super Hexagon, VVVVVV), Chipzel, and Marlowe Dobbe, you’ll fight monsters, find better loot, and level up your heroes as you work together to take down the Goddess of Fortune, Lady Luck herself. Balance your carefully planned strategies against the unknown of a dice roll. -Dicey dungeons

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