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DFind 2.2

DFind mac cracked apps – lets you perform advanced file and folder searches on your Mac. Need to find all files containing a certain text? Need to find files created in the last hour? Need to find large files that take up all your disk space? Only remember the partial name of a file and don’t know where it’s located? Then DFind is for you!


Features include
– Full disk search that does not use the OSX spotlight index
– Fast search algorithm
– Integrated app usage guide
– Search by name or partial name
– Search for files containing a certain text
– Search in specific locations
– Search in sub-folders with the ability to limit depth
– Search for hidden and system files

– Filter searches by creation and modification date
– Filter searches by minimum and maximum size
– Search for date ranges
– Search for size ranges
– Sort results by path, size, created date and modified date
– QuickLook integration
– Realtime search results display
– Open items directly from DFind search results list

– Ability to Copy and Move to Trash selected items
– Ability to Copy Paths for selected items, resulting in a formatted text
– Retina display support
– Fast load time
– Low CPU usage
And much more!

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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