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Dex mac cracked apps – A mysterious and very powerful organization wants you dead. As you navigate the futuristic city of Harbor Prime, you’ll find unexpected allies on your journey to destroy the system! In this cyberpunk adventure inspired by Blade Runner and Neuromancer, you get to choose your playstyle: will you become an elusive assassin, a hacker, a diplomat, or just a gunslinger?


Designed in the style of early 2D platformers and action games, coupled with modern RPG elements, Dex offers real-time combat, mature storytelling and interactive dialogue.

Customize your character’s skills, equipment, and even augmentations – implants that give superhuman abilities and open up new paths in the game’s open world.

Revolutionary hacking mechanics allow you to dive into the depths of Cyberspace: overcome viruses and defense systems to deactivate turrets, reboot devices, steal corporate data and immobilize opponents!

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