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Devious Machines Pitch Monster1

Devious Machines Pitch Monster 1.2.1

Devious Machines Pitch Monster mac cracked app: Under the streamlined appearance of Pitch Monster, Devious Machines Pitch Monster is an absolute beast lurking, capable of making 64 sounds, which makes the sound extremely crazy. Transform a human voice into a beautiful choir or robotic melody; turn a mono synthesizer into an orchestra, or turn your own familiar voice into Thor’s rumble. With its grainy, formant and robotic vocoder engine, Pitch Monster goes far beyond ordinary pitch conversion. Real-time MIDI control, low latency and 8-tone polyphony mean it can be played like an instrument.

Devious Machines Pitch Monster

Pitch and time diffusion and randomization functions turn ordinary sounds into fantastic sounds, and extreme formant movement can not only change the gender of the sound, but also turn it into a completely different sound! Just don’t turn the knob too far. You don’t want it to be overly excited with Devious Machines Pitch Monster.

Software function:

1. Coordinate with up to 8 harmonies

2. Huge 6-octave band

3. Dial in 8 consistent voices to get 64 voice stacks

4. Particles, formant shift and vocoder engine

5. Real-time MIDI control

6. Programmable chord memory with hundreds of presets

7, double high + low pass filter can achieve fine tone control

8, widescreen mode can achieve big stereo effect

9. Responsive, low-latency DSP engine

mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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