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Democracy 3 1

Democracy 3 v1.30.2

Democracy 3 mac cracked apps – Have you ever wanted to be president or prime minister? Are you sure you can run the country better? Let’s be honest – you are unlikely to do it worse than the current political leaders.

Democracy 3

Crime, unemployment, public debt, terrorism, climate change… Can you solve the problems faced by developed Western countries? Don’t miss your chance to find out…

Whole virtual country

Democracy 3 models the motivations, attachments and desires of every inhabitant of the country. A specially designed neural network models the behavior of individual voters, each of which belongs to a certain electoral group, political party and influence group. The income of each voter is modeled, as well as the level of his satisfaction and distrust. This game is the most thoughtful political strategy of all created at the moment.

Unique user interface

Despite the extensive hidden detail, the creators of Democracy 3 have developed an extremely user-friendly user interface that makes it easy to trace the relationship between laws. political decisions, the mood of voters and emerging situations. The state is presented in a simplified way using icons that allow you to explore in detail the relationship between political decisions and voter sentiment and quickly assess their consequences. Trade policy can affect the size of the GDP, which, in turn, determines the unemployment rate, which determines the level of poverty, and therefore the crime rate, which determines the attractiveness of the country for tourists, which determines the GDP …

Comprehensive Voter Modeling

Each voter is a complex object, which is formed according to the principle of belonging to subgroups of 21 electoral groups used in the game. For example, there is a group of voters “well-to-do young people with liberal and socialist views participating in the commuter movement”, or “retired religious persons of capitalist conservative views”. Your political decisions in the long run change not only membership in a particular group, but also the extent to which voters identify with them. Through careful and thoughtful adjustment of your political decisions and laws, you can eventually turn your country into a religious or atheistic, capitalist or socialist state. The focus group function allows you to study the moods of individual voters and understand

mac cracked apps

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