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Deflection Pro

Deflection Pro 6.1.0

Deflection mac cracked apps – is the most interactive, fastest and most accurate application for structural beam analysis. Visualize the design and get engineering results, graphics and equations immediately!

Deflection Software features:

  1. Simply place the load and support on the beam and see how it bends. Find cross-sections in the built-in library or define custom shapes., internal stress and other useful results are automatically updated.
  2. The software is aimed at mechanical engineering, civil engineering and structural engineering after more than six years of continuous development and innovation. When you study the mechanics of materials, this tool will help you apply beam elasticity theory from the first day, and it will become your first choice at any time in the future.

Deflection Pro is our new product tier, and a lot of work has gone into making this first release possible. Deflection Pro has more advanced functionality than Deflection and Deflection Lite, and you can use it on both iOS and macOS. Future updates will continue building upon this foundation. As always, we welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions via [email protected]

  • NEW: Checks for internal bending and shear stresses. Computed stresses are compared against the beam’s strength capacity. By default, for ductile metals this is taken as the yield strength, and for wood, this is taken as the maximum fiber stress.
  • NEW: Check for beam deflection with respect to the specified deflection limit.
  • NEW: Cross sections and materials in the library are automatically evaluated against the current design. Each row is color coded based on the results of the individual checks performed.
  • NEW: Common international steel standards and some new wood grades added to the library.
  • NEW: Material strengths that depend on the cross section dimensions are automatically calculated.
  • NEW: Redesigned app layout that will allow us to continue adding more tools in the future.
  • IMPROVED: App responsiveness and stability
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Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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