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Debookee 8.1.2

Debookee mac cracked app – is a version that runs on the Mac platform Very easy to use data packet capture tool, using Debookee can capture data packets from devices in the same local area network, as well as specific http parameters.

Debookee introduction:

Debookee is a LAN and wireless network packet capture tool and network analyzer that allows you to see the information sent by your device on the network.


Click ssl/tls decryption to communicate with all targets for yourself

View the complete HTTPS url, HTTPS header and HTTPS response code (the complete raw payload data is not shown)

Decrypted email traffic (will be on pop3/smtp/ftps soon)

Display the complete raw data, not just the title

Intercept the traffic of any device on your network: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, PC, Mac, etc. Now you can analyze the traffic of devices that cannot support packet capture, such as mobile, tablet, etc.

Real-time packet capture analysis: extract the details of the request, such as: HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP, DHCP.

LanScan Pro integration: Perform an initial scan of your network, a version of LanScan Pro is integrated in Debookee.

Wifi connection details: channel, signal strength, MAC address of the access point.

Monitor the activities of all wifi devices around you, access points and clients

Each wifi client shows data transmission/reception,% error, data rate,% retry……

The price quoted is a separate NA module. Price information can be found here.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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