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DCommander 3.9.2 Premium

DCommander mac cracked app – DCommander is a dual-pane file manager that gives you complete control of your computer’s file system. Optimized for fast access and user-friendliness, it provides a perfect match for new Mac users who transition from other operating systems and advanced users who need more computer control.

DCommander Software function:

  1. Two file windows side by side
  2. Name, extension, size, type, date, file and folder permissions sort
  3. View hidden files and folders
  4. The label supports full keyboard navigation
  5. File search and subfolder recursive search and content search
  6. Fully support standard operation
  7. Fine file selection
  8. Lynxlike folder navigation (use arrow keys)
  9. Quick access to local terminal, console, activity monitor and disk utility applications
  10. Customizable color scheme

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Mac cracked app screenshot:

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