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Dato 3.3.7

Dato mac cracked app – Dato is a simple and practical menu bar clock tool , When you click the Dato cracked version in the system menu bar, you will get a small calendar, the current time in different time zones (even if you use a custom name), day of the week, etc., and you can customize what you want to display in the menu and menu bar , Very convenient.

Dato features:

1. Calendar, you can choose to include the week number and event indicator.

2. The upcoming activities (can be customized) at a glance.

3. Time zone, you can choose to use a custom name.

4. Custom format of date and time in the menu bar.

5. Highlight some days of the week in the calendar.

6. Search time zone by city (offline contains 15,000 cities).

7. Support all calendar services (iCloud, Google, Outlook, etc.) supported by the built-in calendar application.

8. Fully customizable.

9. Many in-app keyboard shortcuts for advanced users.

10. Global keyboard shortcuts for opening / closing applications. (MacOS 10.15 and later)

11. Support calendar events with HTML format notes.

12. Display seconds in the clock or menu in the menu bar. (Optional)

13. “Join zoom meeting” button on the zoom meeting calendar invitation.

14. Open the calendar event from Google Calendar directly in Google Calendar.

15. Custom color of the date and time menu bar text.

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Mac cracked app screenshot:

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