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Cutter – Cut & Crop Video 3.1.0

Cutter mac cracked apps – Easily cut and crop any videos with the most powerful video software. Cutter is the best tool for cutting video into high-quality GIFs. Cut and filter videos more intuitively and efficiently with an easy-to-use interface. Exporting videos in various formats for any device has never been easier and faster


Cut videos easily and accurately

  • Supports many videos like mp4, mov, avi, mkv, ts, and more
  • Automatic GPU acceleration
  • Apply effects to your video in one click
  • Add watermarks for copyright protection

Cut video into high-quality animated GIFs

  • Create high-resolution GIFs up to 720p
  • GIF frame rate from 5 fps to 30 fps
  • Best color palette to avoid dithering in GIF

Easily speed up or slow down your videos

  • Instantly change video speed
  • Speed your video from 0.2X to 16X
  • Mute its sound if you want
  • Create an amazing post for your social media account

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

  • Instant preview of editing results
  • Real-time comparison with original video
  • Instant crop to quickly remove black borders from videos
  • Edit frame by frame and never miss a moment
  • Quickly drag the cursor to clip the video

Cut videos for all devices

  • Export to mp4, mov, avi and other popular formats.
  • Custom export options for all needs
  • Automatic export options
  • GPU auto-accelerated export

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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