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CrossFTP Pro 1.99.2

CrossFTP pro mac cracked apps – is a very powerful and easy-to-use FTP tool developed by Java. Therefore, in addition to Mac, it also supports Windows and Linux. The software uses a dual-column interface to upload or download files. It is very convenient and supports FTP and SFTP. , WebDav, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Google storage and other storage services, in addition to the professional version also supports the rapid establishment of FTP server, very powerful!

CrossFTP Pro function:

  1. Excellent CJK//Unicode support
  2. Site management, remote backup of configuration files
  3. Multi-tag support
  4. Browse compressed files, decompress, compress, and upload directly
  5. Automatic memory of exit position
  6. Queue recovery
  7. File local and web search
  8. Automatic reconnection and anti-idle
  9. Queue editing
  10. Command control
  11. Amazon S3 transmission [pro]
  12. SSH/SSL/TSL encrypted transmission [pro]
  13. iDisk/WebDav(s) protocol [pro]
  14. Multi-thread transmission [pro]
  15. FXP transmission [pro]
  16. IPV6 support [pro]
  17. Sync folders [pro]
  18. Synchronized browsing [pro]
  19. CRC check [pro] etc.
  20. mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:


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