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  1. Dear Macbff,
    can you please check if the password for the zip file work for the latest version of Parkitect 1.8j?

  2. Hello, I was wondering wether the game section on bff is now paid or something? im being asked a pasword everytime i open it and have no clue about what it might be . neither can i create or sign up for anything

    If you would be kind enough to enlighten me what is really going on with this it would be very nice🙂

  3. I would like to become a member if possible…I use to create playable PC games for the Mac…I have lots of material ready for uploading…

    Joe Dirt

    1. your last Parallels crack v18 is not useful, because you must be a bash.programmer to use it, Better are all your last parallels-editions all cracked by TNT !!!.
      LOOK TO THIS FORM OF FULL activation with only two (2 KLICKS)! Take the TNT Version Parallels v18 in your Programms.
      with greetings from Germany
      Bob Bras

  4. Hi,

    I seen your message saying that you needed someone to write posts for your site. I would be happy to assist. Please feel free to contact me at the email address provided above.


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