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          1. nah hitman 1 is different from absolution. but it’s fine, just keep doing what you’re doing lol

  1. Dear sirs,

    M1 MacAir 7cGPU,8GB RAM – 12.5 MONTEREY

    You can add here THE WITCHER 3 WILD HUNT GOTY v1.32

    I tried it through Crossfire 21.2(tnt) and it works flawless. Even with HD reworked mod (10GB) and other mods.

    Even GTA V work runs at 1080p60FPS but you cannot use mods… 🙁

    Thank you again for your hard work! CHEERS!

    1. You cannot export CrossOver bottles as standalone applications. The setup would be too hard for general users.

      1. Crossover is using wine. Wineskin is using wine. Either of those requires not that hard setup of tools using YT as tutorial place.

        There could be at least some INFO about the app.
        EXAMPLE :

        and in the end next to download button – some link(yt) on how to make it work using wineskin or crossover.

        App is using wine, but what if you don`T have it installed or set up.
        General user don`t know what to do, what it is and why it says – app is damaged, delete it.

        1. sorry, i literally can’t understand a word you’re saying in the last paragraph. What are you trying to say?

  2. Dear sirs,

    sometimes during downloading games from 10GB- 70GB on low speed internet (2,3mb/s)
    the downloading gets interrupted(i can resume – and it begin to download from the start/half the time)
    or it goes as finished example 14GB/21GB and you cant do anything more with it rather than delete the file and go on with your life…

    Is there a way to solve this problem rather than to change location and download it on a faster internet?

    I was downloading the witcher 2 enhanced 1.2
    or if you have a torrent link?

    Thank you for your help!

  3. MAN!

    You went full NUCLEAR on apps and games in the recent week.

    Keep up the GREAT work ! Thank you!!

  4. Thank to you, I can play to games which I couldn’t access before (no powerful graphic card). Even if many of them work on Sierra or Mojave (32bits only), it works on old Mac (2008) with all effects.

  5. 你好,我想安裝cad 2023.1版本,但是下載完不太清楚怎麼安裝,註冊機也打不開,我的電腦是M2 macbook air

  6. Dear sirs,

    you do your job so fkn GREAT! Thank you so much for all the apps and games you upload!

    Is there a way to get

    Pascals Wager DEFINITIVE EDITION ?

  7. The same happened with the previous version. So, could you check that doesn’t work instead replay what I say every time please?

  8. Hey uh is there anyway I can download a previous version of a game since my OS cannot run the newest version? because I have an old macbook pro 2011 and I can’t play Batman: Arkham City – GOTY but I believe there was this oldest version of that game v.1.1 it can run on my mac 😀 but I can’t seem to find it anywhere

      1. Informe de problemas de Sidify Apple Music Converter

        Sidify Apple Music Converter se ha cerrado inesperadamente.
        Este informe se enviará automáticamente a Apple.

          1. I don’t think so. It’s a 2018 MacBook Air with the last macOS Monterey version (12.5).

  9. Hi I have lost all my login details but your retrieve pw etc does not work – can you please check

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