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Coherence X

Coherence X 4.2.1

Coherence X mac cracked apps – Coherence X is a powerful tool that allows you to convert any website into a native chrome-based application on Mac. It is built on Coherence pro 2, the world’s most powerful SSB tool, and is rebuilt from scratch. These are just some major new changes.

Coherence X

  1. The perfect middle ground between websites and apps on Mac

is a powerful tool that allows you to convert any website into a native Chrome-based application on your Mac.

  1. Turn any website into a Mac application in seconds …

It all starts with choosing a name for your application. Next, enter any URL. an even grab an icon for you. It’s that simple.

  1. Choose a browser

Coherence X is the only tool of its kind that allows you to choose the browser that will support the application.

  1. Google Chrome

Use the most popular and powerful browser in the world for your application.

  1. Brave

Chrome’s privacy-centric branch. Available for the first time in the SSB tool.

Chrome Canary

Be the first to get the latest Chrome features and use them in your app.

  1. Import extensions and customize your application

The application is compatible with most Chrome extensions. Import configuration files, set default tabs and system settings, etc.

With the help, you can transform any website into a native, chromium-based Mac application.

Features: Quickly convert any webpage into a Mac program. The first step is choosing a name for your app. Afterward, type any URL. You can even grab an icon with Coherence X. It’s that easy.
Add extensions to your app and make changes. The majority of Chrome extensions work with Coherence X applications. Set default tabs and system settings, import profiles, and more.
Whitelisting with intelligence. You are able to direct non-primary and chosen URLs to your default browser using intelligent whitelisting. Sub-domain redirects can be evenly and wisely disregarded.
Create and edit apps. Coherence X introduces the ability to manage and edit previously generated apps. Modify the name icon, tabs, mode, and many more things.
courageous integration The only SSB program that lets you utilize the Brave browser as a backend is Coherence X. Get all the advantages of Chrome in a setting that prioritizes privacy.

Mac cracked apps

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