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Coherence Pro

Coherence Pro 2.1.0

Coherence Pro mac cracked apps – Coherence Pro allows you in a few seconds Turn any website into a complete macOS application within the clock. Moreover, with the power of Google Chrome, each application can have independent settings and extensions.

Coherence Pro introduction:

Name your app

It all starts with naming your application. Just start the Coherence utility and enter the name. This will become your application-wide name.

Enter a URL

Coherence supports almost any website. Just enter the URL to Coherence

Grab an icon

Choose an icon for your application. Coherence supports most file types, and you can even get web page icons from the websites you enter within seconds.

Choose your extension

Coherence 5 includes Extension Manager, a feature that allows you to copy the extension of the main Chrome instance to the Coherence application. All your apps will retain independent settings, but you can easily include all settings extensions.

Fine adjustment

Now in Coherence 5, choose from the standard single-window Coherence App and Tabbed Coherence App. Also, please select the location of your new application.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

Coherence Pro

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