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Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Manager 2.3.5

Clipboard Manager mac cracked app – Clipboard Manager is smart clipboard history manager, which stores everything you copy for the later uses. – Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Manager Key Features:

• Native Mac Interface – Paste or Delete clippings by swipe gesture.• Direct Paste – Paste clippings direct to the current application.• Application Actions – Paste, Paste as Plain Text, Open, Save to File.• Custom Actions – User defined actions using AppleScript or Automator Workflow.• Quick Panel – Panel in the header of every clippings for quick action execution.• Drag and Drop – Drag and drop clippings to any application.• Quick Look – Large preview for any clippings type.

• Sharing – Share clippings with your friends.• Selected Text – Work with the selected text.• Bulk Actions – Paste, delete or share more clippings at one time.• Search and Filter – text search and filter clippings by type or application.• Favorites – Choose your favorite clippings for easy search.• Folders – Organize your clippings to Folders.

• Mode without Dock Icon – Show application window on active screen and active space.• Ignored Applications – Ignore the contents of the clipboard from these applications.• Ignored Contents – Ignore the contents of the clipboard by pasteboard type.• Global Shortcut – Show application from anywhere.• Launch Application at Login.• Touch Bar Support.

mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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