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Clipboard Center

Clipboard Center 2.2.2

Clipboard Center mac cracked apps – is a It only takes one click to save money, and each item, even the selected item, can be pushed into the current clipboard again. It is an easy-to-use and powerful clipboard manager.

Clipboard Center function:

1, capture the clipboard

After enabling the clipboard capture function, the text, images and files copied in your app will be automatically added to the history.

2, effective paste

With just one click, each item, even the selected item, can be pushed into the current clipboard again.

3. Use the list to manage the clipboard

The list allows you to save and organize the items captured from the clipboard. Each entry will be unique (duplicate items in the center of the clipboard and merge them). To make it easier to find them, you can also add tags.

4. Window with multiple behaviors

Just move the application’s window in the upper right corner of the screen to attach it, allowing you to easily access it above the desktop or full-screen application. After detaching the window, you can also keep the window visible at all times and on top of other applications.

5. Keep the original data

The elements of the clipboard usually contain multiple representations of copied items. In fact, most applications provide a standard representation (text or image) of their clipboard, but other forms specific to these applications are also provided. The clipboard center ensures that data will not be lost during capture.

6. Preview

Each item list can be viewed in the preview window. A few pages of text or large images are clearly visible.

7, search

The clipboard center provides quick search between lists and history.

8, drag and drop

In addition to capturing items from the clipboard, you can also drag and drop images and text from the center of the clipboard in other applications. Vice versa, the clipboard center can receive items from other applications.

9. Blacklist

The Clipboard Center can ignore copies from the application of your choice by adding them to the blacklist.

10, can be customized

The list has three display modes: simple list, list grouped by application, list grouped by type,

You can configure the type of clipboard (text, RTF, image and file) to be captured,

You can limit the number of items in the history to improve readability,

Customizable shortcuts can switch application windows and captures.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

Clipboard Center

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