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Clipboard Booster

Clipboard Booster 1.8

Clipboard Booster mac cracked apps – is a very simple and light app that helps you manage your clipboard for your Mac. Running discreetly from your menu bar, the app stores all the texts that you have copied or cut in the past, allowing you to easily find that snippet of text you need, whenever you want to paste that somewhere. Amazingly it also copies images from folder and the same can be pasted in any folder you desire.

Clipboard Booster

Clipboard Booster allows you to set Keyboard shortcuts to paste the copied texts. All the copied texts are visible in sequence in the popup which can appear by clicking the button on the top menu bar or using the shortcut key that you have set.

You can pin copied text snippets to make them appear at the top of your list or delete them if you no longer need them. You can also get a list of recent clipping to appear next to your mouse pointer by pressing the menu hotkey.

Clipboard Booster comes with a powerful search bar that is particularly useful for finding the snippets that you have copied in past, containing certain text or characters that you have copied. You can easily select a search result and have it pasted where you need.

Clipboard Booster helps you to significantly improve your productivity if your work involves a lot of copying / pasting of texts. You will notice that you save a lot of time and improve the efficiency with which certain mundane tasks are carried out and will enjoy the convenience.

Clipboard Booster has a powerful manager where you can create various clipboards within the application to store different clippings. Examples of such clipboards can be like “My Web URLs” where you can store all the web URLs copied and can use them whenever needed in a click. Another example can be “My blog texts” where you can copy various texts related to your work. Simply, you can create many clipboards to categorize your clippings per your convenience and activate the any one clipboard at a time which you need for copying / pasting while working.

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