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Clicker for YouTube

Clicker for YouTube 1.19

Clicker for YouTube mac cracked app – The best standalone YouTube app for macOS. Native YouTube player that provides the same functionality as the website in an efficient Swift-based app, with a built-in ad-blocker, sleep timer, pop-out player, Touch Bar support, and more.

Clicker for YouTube

  • Launch YouTube right from your Dock
  • Picture-in-Picture w/ video controls
  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Like/Dislike and Autoplay from Touch Bar
  • Sleep timer w/ auto-shut off
  • Native push notifications
  • Quick access from the Menu Bar
  • Native macOS design language
  • Truly Full Screen Browsing
  • Upload video from within the app
  • Auto-switch to Dark Mode
  • Written in Swift for great performance

No more switching between browser tabs. Simply launch Clicker for YouTube straight from your dock and get your binge on.

With Picture-in-Picture support built right in, watch your favorite videos while you fly through those TPS reports.

Just don’t let your boss catch you!

Plus, control video playback from within the PiP window, unlike other PiP windows.

Voice your opinion by ๐Ÿ‘ or ๐Ÿ‘Ž a video directly from the Touch Bar. Plus, easily and quickly control autoplay simply by toggling a button from the Touch Bar. This is all in addition to the built-in seek functionality Apple provides. Controlling your videos has never been easier.

Instant access to the latest videos from your subscriptions no matter where you are on your Mac -Clicker for YouTube


Sleep Timer w/ Auto-Shut off

With the Sleep Timer, simply set how long you want to watch videos before bed,and after that time has elapsed, your computer will automatically go to sleep and prevent any unnecessary battery drain.


Built-in Ad Blocker

Enjoy a fully ad-free experience with the built-in ad blocker. All ads in both the browsing experience and video playback are blocked, so you can focus on watching, not clicking the Skip Ad button over and over. -Clicker for YouTube


Native Push Notifications

Get notified of new videos from people you subscribe to, new comments, and recommended videos delivered straight to your computer.


Native macOS design language

This app takes advantage of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines to make you feel at home using YouTube on the Mac. -Clicker for YouTube


Truly Full Screen Browsing

Hate going into full screen mode just to be kicked out of it when clicking on another video to watch? With Clicker for YouTube, you can stay in full screen mode throughout the entire browse and video playback experience.


Dark Mode

Auto-switch to dark mode based on your preferences, or force the app to use dark mode all the time. Do it for your eyes. They will thank you later.


Video Upload

With full YouTube Studio support, creators can also take advantage of the app to upload and manage their videos with ease. -Clicker for YouTube


Written in Swift for great performance

Unlike similar apps that use Electron, this app is written in Swift leading to signficantly better battery performance and way less CPU strain. -Clicker for YouTube

Mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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