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CleverFiles Duplicates Finder

CleverFiles Duplicates Finder 2.0

CleverFiles Duplicates Finder mac cracked apps – Find and remove duplicate files and folders on your drives and cloud accounts fast. – CleverFiles Duplicates Finder

“Where’s that file? Ah, I’ll just download it again. I need a copy of my photo album to edit it tomorrow. What are all these files here? Let me back them up now and deal with them later.” Yes, we are all busy. Also, we are always in need of more disk space. Let CleverFiles Duplicates Finder and Remover help you find what you no longer need, and never needed, and will never need again – duplicate data!

CleverFiles Duplicates Finder

Facts: every hard drive gets more and more duplicate files every day; almost every active cloud storage account inevitably gets crammed with duplicate photos, songs, documents, videos, etc. We all know that. CleverFiles Duplicates Finder can fix this for free.

You are about to download a simple elegant app to scan your Mac for all kinds of duplicates… fast. Need more power? It also features flexible auto-selection rules, so you don’t need to manually scoop through the duplicates selecting the ones that should go. It produces accurate results in seconds on drives of any size, and is extremely capable at comparing the contents of your cloud storages, so you can save on pricey cloud space.

Our professional duplicate cleaner makes the menial task of finding wasted storage space simple by locating duplicate files for you and giving you the power to automatically or manually delete the unwanted ones. Give it a try, it’s free!

Here’s what our free Duplicate File Finder can do:• Find duplicates on the entire drive, scan a single folder or multiple locations – fast and secure• Batch auto-select duplicates with one click• Let you choose how you want your duplicates removed• Preview your duplicates before tossing them away• Create symlinks for deleted duplicates to keep apps dependent on those file locations running• Keep configurable exclusion lists• Let you search duplicates

Don’t let your duplicates pile up. Keep your disk clean and system smooth with CleverFiles Duplicates Remover.

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

CleverFiles Duplicates Finder

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