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Claris FileMaker Pro Multilingual

FileMaker Pro mac cracked app – FileMaker Pro is a very professional, powerful and easy-to-use database software that can quickly create customized apps, FileMaker Pro can work in your way to meet the needs of the team and make you work faster and faster. Complete tasks more efficiently.

FileMaker Pro Features:

  1. Main detail layout
    Use new portal enhancements to create common design patterns, such as master-detail layouts. Eliminates the need to create self-joining relationships and other scripts.
  2. Entry-level applications
    Choose one of the 6 new starter applications to get started faster. Add more functions by connecting additional tables to the application. Choose from the app to manage assets, contacts, content, advertising resources, meetings and tasks.
  3. My application window
    Launch any custom application from a convenient window. Easily navigate to the “Recent” tab to find recently opened files and use the “Create” tab to find a new “Beginner” application.
  4. Group object selection
    You can easily modify, reposition or resize individual objects in a group without first ungrouping all objects.
  5. Redesigned layout mode
    The “Inspector”, “Field” tab and “Object” tab can be better discovered through the convenient pane in the document window. Hide or show panes individually.
  6. Default fields
    When you add a new table, fields that display record creation information are automatically created. The fields include the primary key, creation date, modification date, and who created or modified the field. You can customize the default fields according to your needs, or you can configure them in advance.
  7. Script enhancements
    Use enhanced script steps to create more reusable code. Add variables in the input field to fill and retrieve text that supports variables in the “Display Custom Dialog”. And use the new Specified option to select a script from the list or specify the script name by calculation.
  8. Multiple email attachment support
    Attach multiple files to e-mail for more flexibility in communicating with customers or teams.
  9. Copy and paste the custom menu
    Save time by reusing custom menus in other apps you create. Just copy the menu set, menu and menu items, and then paste it into another file.
  10. Account lockout
    Protect your custom apps from brute force attacks and dictionary attacks by temporarily locking your account after several login attempts
  11. Work when reconnecting
    If you lose the network connection, continue to use files that do not depend on the host when restoring the connection with FileMaker Pro.

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