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CI Demon

CI Demon 3.0.27

CI Demon mac cracked app – is macOS menu bar app that aggregates information and notifies you when your CI builds or deployments are broken (or restored), it shows you all the relevant information in a single native app, without having to wait for entire web apps to load.

CI Demon

Supported providers:

Tempomat currently supports the following CI providers

  • Github Checks
  • CircleCI
  • TravisCI
  • Gitlab (cloud service)
  • AppCenter
  • Bitrise

Health Checks
Tempomat can also create localhttp checks for you to make sure your deployment is still running, feature is really simple at the moment, send request, your service needs to return an OK response.

Misc info

  • Receive notifications on failures/restorations
  • Everything is stored encrypted in the macOS keychain
  • Absolutely **NO** tracking
  • Not a SaaS, it’s a native macOS app
  • Filter branches/builds by Regex
  • Trigger rebuilds for builds
  • Supports individual checks (github only)

Main page

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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