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Chikoo 1.1

Chikoo mac cracked apps – is a powerful file management software, it Only applicable to Apple computers! It can help you organize and manage any of your files, supports custom attributes, provides you with a smart list to help you quickly find files, and it has multiple libraries for you to perform smart document classification and query.

Chikoo function:

1. Multiple libraries: As long as you want to create as many libraries and organize any files you want in each one. For example, organize your articles in one library and another in movies.

2. Custom attributes: does not limit you to a fixed hard-coded attribute. For example, organize your article on the author’s father’s name, or the date your movie gave birth to the director’s pet. It all depends on you.

Type group: Organize the file extensions of your files into groups of your choice. For example, the file extensions “MOV” and “MP4” *** “movie” group, “JPG” and “BA” *** “image” group. This feature is useful when holding multiple types of documents in a Chikoo library.

3. Lists, smart lists, list folders: library has a sidebar where you can add regular lists, smart lists, and list folders-just like playlists in iTunes.

4. Library folder: By default, the files left by when imported into the library are in their existing location. But you can also associate the folder of your choice with the library and have automatically move or copy files to anyone when importing. With Chikoo, you can fully control the file system where your files are located.

Quick search: Press the space bar to quickly find your item, just like you are in the Finder every day.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:


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