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Cat Quest

Cat Quest 1.0.13

Cat Quest mac cracked apps – Set off in pursuit of the insidious Dragon who has kidnapped your sister! Explore the vast kingdom of Felingard, go through dungeons and get worthy loot. Complete tasks and make new furry friends.

Cat Quest

Fight in real time

Battles in Cat Quest take place in real time: bring death to the enemy at the edge of the blade, break the distance to avoid a retaliatory attack, and finish off opponents with powerful spells: Firemur and Flame. And don’t forget to use the Healing Paw to restore your health!

Upgrade your equipment

Your furry purryclown won’t get far without some carefully chosen gear! Prefer to strike enemies with magic? Choose a wizard outfit: a hood, a mantle and a staff that will increase your mana! Do you fight in close combat? Wear chain mail armor to increase your health and provide additional protection. Keep in mind: weapons, armor and spells used can be combined in any combination. Create your own style that suits only you!

Explore the world

In the vastness of Felingard, you can meet many interesting places and cats! Visit an enchanted city whose inhabitants only think about natural food, meet the great wizards Murrlin and Meowgan and help them break the magic seal, help find the missing books “House of Rustling Papers” and “Stubborn Dead”. Exploring the world is a very important part of Cat Quest: the Bermurr Triangle, Forbidden Ravens and Cat City are waiting for you!

Mac cracked apps

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