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Cashculator 1

Cashculator 1.6.2

Cashculator mac cracked apps – Cashculator is personal financial management software; you can use it to plan your financial goals; it will track your cash flow at any time and support easy budgeting of funds by category, making financial management more convenient!


This mac app is a different kind of personal finance application – instead of focusing on the past and logging previous transactions, it focuses on future by forecasting your financial situation. Easier than a spreadsheet, it is the simplest way to manage your finance.

Cashculator allows making better decisions regarding your personal finance or small business. This mac app is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Norwegian and Russian languages.

1. Look at the big picture

Benefit from a high-level overview of your expenses and income

2, visual analysis

View your income, expenses and balance through easy-to-understand graphs

3. Forecast your cash flow and balance

Do you have remaining cash flow?

4. Prepare financial affairs -Cashculator

Estimate the expected change, like a newborn baby

5. Efficient keyboard support

Use the keyboard to quickly enter and change the amount

6. What-if analysis to compare alternatives

Do you care about your financial future?
Let Cashculator help you!
Reach your financial goals by planning your future
Keep track of your cash flow to make smarter financial decisions
Easily budget money by category, perform “what-if” scenarios comparisons and more
Tired of complex personal finance applications?
Cashculator is the simplest way to manage your finances!
Familiar spreadsheet concepts make Cashculator easy to use, visual and straightforward
Interactive tutorials teach you every aspect of using Cashculator
Cashculator is not yet another personal finance application
It is different from complex personal finance applications which focus on past transactions.
It is designed for those who want to have an easy way to keep track of their budget.
It is NOT for people who want to maintain a detailed, daily records of their spending.

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