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CaptureGRID 4.23

CaptureGRID mac cracked app – is a digital photography workflow on Mac App for tethered shooting, remote shooting and advanced camera control. CaptureGRID allows you to control multiple cameras while fully controlling and synchronizing all cameras, including camera settings, triggering, live view, photo download and file name management. Networking operations between multiple computers allows you to expand the number of cameras and arrange large multi-camera capture devices.

CaptureGRID features:

1. Supported cameras

CaptureGRID supports all recent DSLR cameras from Canon and Nikon, as well as some cameras from the Sony Alpha series. We will update the application regularly, so support for new cameras will be added to the market.

The software uses a wired USB connection to communicate directly with the camera through our custom PTP engine. This provides reliable camera control and fast photo download.

2. Supported computers

CaptureGRID runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.

The software also supports a wide range of hardware and can be adjusted to make best use of available hardware resources. This means that it can even run on single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi, and can expand and utilize high-performance multi-core workstations PC and Mac.

3. Network operation

By splitting the USB connection between multiple computers, CaptureGRID allows you to connect and control a large number of cameras. This means that the number of cameras is not limited by the USB hardware function of a single computer, but can be expanded by adding more computers.

After connecting and synchronizing all computers, users can operate the application from only one computer to obtain a unified view of all cameras and photos, and can perform operations on all cameras at the same time.

4. Image download

CaptureGRID allows you to precisely control the changes of photos. After shooting, the photos can be saved to the memory card, automatically downloaded to the computer, or both.

If your camera is spread across multiple computers, the software can choose to transfer photos over the network and collect them in one location, ready for the next workflow.

5. File name management

The application will manage the file name assigned to each photo, taking into account which camera it came from, and can automatically organize them into subfolders.

This mechanism can be easily configured to match the file naming scheme required for processing workflow.

6. Trigger system

The application itself can trigger multiple cameras, but in order to improve the accuracy of trigger timing, it can also be used with an external trigger system.

For example, ESPER’s dedicated TriggerBox and lighting hardware can be used in combination with CaptureGRID to form a complete 3D capture system. In this case, the Esper component is responsible for precise triggering and lighting, CaptureGRID handles the synchronization of camera settings, automatic photo download and file name management.

7. External APIs and scripts

You can use external API functions to integrate CaptureGRID with external systems. This provides two important communication channels to which you can link to listen to the event information flow from the application and send requests to the application to control the camera.

The application itself has script support and can automatically control the camera. The application provides some built-in scripts for performing tasks such as bracketing, HDR, and time-lapse shooting. You can write your own scripts in Python.

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