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Broken Lines

Broken Lines

”Broken Lines” mac cracked appsss – Broken Lines is a second time A tactical RPG game based on the history of the world war and driven by the storyline. The protagonist of the game is eight soldiers who landed urgently behind the enemy line of defense. You want to take them home while resisting the enemy’s siege and interception, and help them deal with the fear of war.

Broken Lines

Your squad has crashed behind the enemy line of defense, in the heart of the alternative Eastern European history. Without any intelligence or leadership support, these soldiers must overcome numerous difficulties and return to their homeland before being completely torn apart by the fear of war. Teamwork and strategy are essential.

Broken Lines

Each soldier has his own personality and ideas, and they have different opinions on what needs to be done next. Some people want to investigate what caused the crash that caused them to sink into enemy territory, while others want to stay low-key and wait for rescue. Some even whispered, wanting to escape.

You are the “invisible hands” that can guide these undisciplined soldiers to take safe and possible rescue measures. Whether it’s such a simple decision as to which path to take next, or what kind of careful tactics the enemy is currently adopting, every decision you make is a matter of life or death.

“Broken Lines” combines a tactical RPG with a story-driven game. Your soldiers are under the tremendous mental stress brought about by the war. You need to direct them to fight-will they avoid fighting with the enemy, or will they go head-on?

Combat is similar to a turn-based tactical RPG, but soldiers can only move at the beginning of the action phase. However, when new enemies and dangers appear, the game will pause to allow you to think carefully and respond to sudden changes. Will you continue to charge the enemy, or will you back down to seek cover? -Broken Lines

You will make choices based on your preferences and continue to promote the development of the story, resulting in different battle endings. Choose wisely, because your progress in the game will not only affect the soldiers you command, but also the situation in the entire region and everyone living here. However, you should also keep in mind that every soldier has his own ideas about what is good for your team, so you must find the best balance between what you want them to do and how to keep your team motivated.

“Win victory at all costs; win victory without fear of all terror; no matter how long and hard the road ahead, we will never give up unless we win.

Because only victory can survive” -Broken Lines

― Winston Churchill

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