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Bounty Train

Bounty Train mac cracked apps – Get ready to conquer the Wild West on rails! Design and build your own train, equip it with a variety of detailed equipment, hire a loyal, brave and dedicated crew and set off to travel through the dangerous Wild West. Overcome difficulties, prudently managing resources, and engage in goods and passenger transportation. Solve problems your way: through diplomacy, violence, or bribery. -Bounty Train

Bounty Train

Immerse yourself in life full of dangers, get acquainted with accurate historical events and modern inventions in North America/USA of the 19th century. Buy one of the most famous locomotives and turn it into a railroad fortress. Complete unexpected quests and fight back against famous bandits, vengeful Indians and other enemies. You will be able to successfully complete the most important journey of your life only if you take into account all these exciting circumstances.

Key features:

-Management is designed in the spirit of the original locomotives, improve and change them in various ways

-Choose an effective team and overcome the challenges in North America together

-Show what you can do by avoiding chases and fighting off ambushes, but be careful and inventive: resources are scarce, and technology can fail

-Explore 19th century America, visit real cities, trade and deliver goods

-Follow an immersive non-linear storyline – reunite with your family and prevent forced Indian relocation

-Influence real historical events and inventions and change the course of history

-Choose one of four influential factions – or switch sides during the game

mac cracked apps

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