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Boom 3D

Boom 3D 1.3.11

Boom 3D mac cracked apps – is A sound enhancement tool on the Mac platform, It is an in-system sound enhancement software on mac computers. Not only can it improve the music effect of your iTunes, it also works for you to play movie files or online videos. As long as the sound in the system can be improved through Boom sound quality and effect.

Boom 3D

Function introduction:3D surround sound effect for Mac. Just look at the name and you know that Boom 3D Mac version is another new work of the Boom family. It has made great achievements in Boom, Boom 2 and Boom for iOS. After the success, the Boom family has fulfilled its mission and launched a higher upgrade version of surround sound.

This is an upgraded version of 3D surround sound full of magical charm. The Boom 3D Mac version will continue the Boom family classics and give you the best 3D surround sound experience. Boom 3D Mac version is designed with some energetic functions, among which 3D surround sound is the most anticipated. In addition you will find all new intensity controls and an equalizer preset that can be adjusted manually. All these together improve the sound quality.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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