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Book of Demons

Book of Demons 1.03.20073(35440)

Book of Demons mac cracked app – is the purest hacking game. Super tempting and endless fun. In the dungeon of the ancient cathedral, slay the army of darkness; save the panicked paper universe from the hands of the great demon. “The Book of Demons” is the first in a series of original mid-core games inspired by the golden age of early computer games. Customize the task length!

Book of Demons

Do you only have 5 minutes to play games? This is not a problem! Through our Flexiscope™ system, the “Book of Demons” lets you set the length of each task yourself. Learn how you play and provide you with the best experience-“Book of Devil” is the first truly easy to accept hack and slash game. Build your own combination of destructive power!

Game content:

Collect powerful skill cards, combine cards according to your enemies, and create your favorite combination of destructive power! But you have to remember: the efficiency of each card will change due to your situation, so you have to be ready to adjust! Relive the classics, there is no shortage of laughs!

“The Book of Demons” is a secular story of good and evil that saves the world from total destruction and ultimate evil. Familiar? So let us use witty irony and retell the story in a different way? Be part of a “unique” adventure!

You will never explore the same basement repeatedly-in the “Book of Devil”, each level is a unique adventure randomly generated by the system program! The diversity of monsters makes you never get bored. More than 70 monsters are waiting for you to slash and kill: lurking scorpions, snake archers, crazy goatmen, not-so-sexy succubus…you know. Chop in the world of paper universe!

“The Book of Demons” is an out-and-out black fantasy of a slashing game, but unlike other role-playing action games, it is set in a pop-up paper universe. The universe made from paper cuts is the “return to the game”-one of the hallmarks of a series of mid-core games inspired by the golden age of early computer games. “Book of Demons” is the first in the “Return to Game” series. Are you looking for more challenges?

Killing the big devil will not be the end of the story. In the Book of Devil, you can use 3 different identities (Warrior, Rogue or Mage) to break through levels. You can also relive your favorite missions in the free mode, or you can deliberately challenge and explore the dungeon on a high level of difficulty (the last level) It was named the Holocaust, not without reason).

mac cracked app

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