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Black Paradox 01.01

Black Paradox mac cracked apps – Black Paradox is a fast-paced rogue-lite shooter. Use an arsenal of weapons, power-ups, robots and other upgrades to take on endless enemies. A bright pixel world and synthwave music await you. The bounty hunter flies through space in pursuit of the most dangerous criminal group in the galaxy – the seven Hellraisers.

Black Paradox is a fast-paced rogue-lite shoot-them-up. Unleash an arsenal of weapons, power-ups, drones, and other upgrades to survive waves of enemies against a backdrop of vibrant pixel art and synth-wave soundtrack. As the infamous bounty hunter, travel through space and defeat the most dangerous criminal organisation in the galaxy: the Hellraisers and its seven lieutenants.

Enter the cockpit, ready your weapons, and prepare for the ultimate galactic showdown.

Black Paradox

Get in the cockpit, check out the weapons and get ready for a big galactic showdown.


20 weapons, 37 power-ups, 13 powerful robots, 8 power-up combinations and a unique ability to warp space – Black Paradox.

62 different enemies, each with their own attack pattern.

14 deadly bosses with unique attacks + 1 secret boss.

Increase your performance and unlock new skills.

2 players can play together in local mode.

Stunning pixel art, beautiful synthwave music.

You can open a particularly difficult boss fight mode.

  • 20 weapons, 37 powerups, 13 deadly drones, 8 amazing power-up combos, and the ultimate space-bending move: the “Black Paradox”
  • 62 different enemies, each with its own attack patterns
  • 14 deadly bosses with unique attacks + 1 secret boss
  • Upgrade your stats and unlock new powers
  • 2 player local co-op
  • Amazing pixel art
  • An awesome synth-wave soundtrack
  • An extra hardcore boss rush mode to unlock

The demo was kind of frustrating at first, but after getting the hang of it, it is a blast to play.

– the music is fantastic
– the soundeffects are meaty
– the weapons feel nice
– the upgradesystem makes it that every run feels interesting

The game just needs a bit more balancing here and there, but still, I have a great time playing the title.
100% Recommended! -Black Paradox

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