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Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare mac cracked app – is a so-called The software of Coden Artifact, Beyond Compare can compare the differences between two files or two folders very professionally on the Mac OS system, and distinguish each difference with a different color, you can clearly and clearly The understanding of the different support of two similar files is convenient for developers and designers to work.

Beyond Compare introduction:

Beyond Compare is a rare professional-level folder and file comparison tool. Use it to easily compare the differences between two folders or files. And each byte of the difference is indicated by color, which is convenient to view and supports multiple rules for comparison. Not only limited to two files, Beyond Compare can also compare the contents of two directories on the computer, the contents of FTP addresses, and the contents of text files, including UTF-8, html, and Delphi source programs used by developers. The difference in the files.

Main functions

Compare folders, FTP sites or Zip files side by side

Browser-like interface

Expandable subfolders

Hide unneeded folders

Color highlight the differences

Color-code the folder icons according to the content

Show all, only differences, only matches

Orphan, older and newer

Classify by name, type, modification date, size or CRC

Multi-threaded operation

Compare files in the background

Main page

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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