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BetterZip 5.1

BetterZip mac cracked app – is a powerful compression software that can quickly check compressed files without decompression. It can perform the merge between files and provide a password. Using it, users can more quickly add and delete files to compressed files.


It supports including zip, gz, bz, bz2, tar, tgz, tbz, rar, 7-zip, cpio, arj, lha, lhz, cab, iso, chm, rpm, deb, nsis, sit, dd, hqx and bin And other formats. In addition, it also makes the file compatible in Windows and Linux systems. BetterZip is a well-known compression and decompression software for Mac platform, similar to Winrar for windows platform. The latest V2 version is more powerful and fully supports 64Bit. It supports the following multiple formats. ZIP, SIT, TAR, GZip, BZip2, RAR, 7-Zip, CPIO, ARJ, LZH/LHA, JAR, WAR, CAB, ISO, CHM , RPM, DEB, NSIS, BIN, HQX, etc.


BetterZip for Mac lets you quickly check files without first extracting their contents.

BetterZip for Mac only decompresses the files you really need: if you only need a few files or folders from a larger archive, you don’t have to extract the whole thing. Just drag any Finder window or desktop file into the BetterZip for Mac window.

Open archives without decompression: BetterZip for Mac can not only open archives without first extracting them, you can also search for a file using an interface similar to iTunes. BetterZip for Mac can open the most common formats: ZIP, SIT, TAR, XAR, GZIP, BZIP2, RAR, 7-ZIP, CPIO, ARJ, LZH/WAR, JAR, LHA, CAB, ISO, CHM, RPM and extract files , DEB, NSIS, BIN, HQX.

Create an archive: just drag files and folders from your hard drive, disk, or network to a new zip file. You no longer need to copy all the files in a temporary folder. Supported formats include ZIP, TAR, GZIP and bzip2 compressed tar, XAR, 7-Zip, RAR (using external RAR command line tools). Large archives can also be split.

Protect your data: BetterZip for Mac can protect your data, a password and create compatible WinZip AES-256 encrypted files. 7- ZIP and RAR files can also be protected.

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