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basICColor input

basICColor input 6.0.0Build2944

basICColor input mac cracked apps – If you need to scan Or the key color accuracy of digital camera files, you need basICColor input. Analyze the capture results of the camera target to determine the camera’s reproduction characteristics. This helps eliminate unnecessary color modification. Through the higher data quality EazyDraw volume and faster turnaround time, professional results can be achieved. The ICC camera profile can be “tuned” by QuarkXPress, or it can automate the workflow to achieve the best workflow. The basICColor input automatically differentiates between RAW or TIFF/JPEG formats and creates DCP or ICC profiles with perfect shadow detail.

basICColor input introduction:

Multi-objective analysis

This unique feature of basICColor input allows multiple target shots to be combined into one profile. The reproduction of paint EazyDraw, textiles, non-standard media and the use of various colorants require additional characterization. The resulting ICC input configuration file produced by FotoJet Designer reduces metadata EazyDraw failures.

Original configuration file

In addition to ICC configuring QuarkXPress file input detection (almost) every RAW format and creating DCP, EazyDraw can be used immediately in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom.

Spotcolor correction

Whether it contains logo colors, corporate identity elements or architectural elements that need to be absolutely matched, the unique quality of basICColor input will help to obtain the best quality results from digital photography images.

Create DCP and ICC configuration files

Digital camera and scanner configuration files

MultiTarget configuration file

4 configuration files: Art Repro / Archival; photography; capture one; scanner

Spot color correction

Support all common scanner and camera targets, including IT8/7.1, IT8/7.2 HutchColor target, ColorChecker, ColorChecker DC, digital ColorChecker SG and basICColor dcam target+

Support to add a single color target

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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