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Bartender 4.1.15 b

Bartender mac cracked apps – is on the MAC OS platform An office software can help you manage the content of the menu bar very well. You can set up several menu bars, which are divided into a first-level menu bar and a second-level menu bar, so that you can better perform office operations.

Bartender Function introduction:

Bartender: is a very useful assistant for Menubar menu bar management. With the increase of Mac usage time, the original simple menu bar will naturally grow longer, and the menu bar of some applications also has a certain length, so the overlapping of icons and menu items is inevitable. .

Use Bartender to create a new application icon in the system menu bar to provide a “second-level menu bar” to hide the menu bar icons that are not commonly used or do not want to see. He can hide the icons in the menu bar like a trick Go to your own folding menu, when you need to use these applications, you can use hotkey to quickly open the folding menu to find and use.

It ’s too small to lose the concise appearance, but it ’s too big to find the application icons you need when it ’s critical. Is it quite tangled? Don’t worry, try Bartender.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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