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Axure RP 9

Axure RP 9 Pro Edition

Axure RP 9 pro edition mac cracked apps – cracked version is specially designed for rapid prototyping. Axure RP 9 Pro can assist product managers to quickly design complete product prototypes, and combine annotations, instructions, flow charts, frame diagrams and other elements to completely express the product to all aspects of design Staff, such as UI, UE, etc., and constantly improve in the discussion.

Axure RP 9 Pro Features:

Powerful prototype without coding in Axure RP 9 Pro

Use conditional logic, dynamic content, animation, mathematical functions, and data-driven interactions to create simple click maps or powerful and rich prototypes without writing any code.

It’s easy to share Click a button and axure rp will publish your diagrams and prototypes to the cloud or local Axure Share. Just send a link (and password) and others can view your project in the browser. On mobile devices, use the browser or Axure Share App for iOS and Android.

DIAGRAMMING + document creation flowchart, wireframe, model, user journey, character, creative board, etc. Quickly drag and drop elements from built-in or custom libraries to create charts. Then, use fills, gradients, line styles and text formatting to style.

Annotate your diagrams and prototypes to specify functions, track tasks or store project information. Organize your notes into different fields for different audiences. Choose which annotations to display in HTML or in an automatically generated Word document containing screenshots.

Easier team collaboration axure rp allows multiple people to work on the same file at the same time, making it easier for your team to work together. Create team projects on Axure Share or SVN, and use the check-in and check-out system to manage changes. The team project also records the history of changes to the notes each time it is checked in.

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