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Avorion mac cracked apps – In Avorion, a few hundred years ago, a monstrous cataclysm actually divided your galaxy into parts – an impenetrable ring of torn hyperspace matter appeared in its centre, which ordinary hyperdrives cannot cross.


Since this incident, no one has been able to get into the central regions of the galaxy. What is known is that the catastrophe created numerous impenetrable hyperspace rifts throughout the galaxy, and that a strange alien race, the Xothans, appeared at its center. It appears that these aliens have found a way to traverse the torn hyperdimensional matter, but no one has yet been able to make contact with them.

There are also rumors of a strange new metal called “avorion” appearing in the center of the galaxy around the same time as the xothans. It looks like the aliens are using this material to build their ships.

Start your journey as a nameless wanderer on the outskirts of the galaxy and make your way to its heart. The closer to the center, the more dangerous – but the more valuable the reward. Avorion combines sandbox elements from games like X or Freelancer with co-op play and the ability to build your own ships. Explore procedurally generated ships made from freely scalable blocks that break apart from damage taken in space battles.

In Avorion, you choose your play style. Transport cargo, find profitable trade routes and lay factories. Or maybe you’re tired of being a good kid? Build your own warship, equip it with powerful weapons and crush your enemies. Be the aggressor who starts wars with entire alliances, raid cargo ships, smuggle illegal goods and search old wrecks. Find your way to the heart of the galaxy. The closer to the center, the more hostile the environment – but the higher the reward. -Avorion

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