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Audirvana 3.5.43

audirvana mac cracked app – is a very good on Mac os platform The easy-to-use Mac music player, audirvana plus for mac is a high-quality lossless music player for the Mac platform. It is a music player based on native support for lossless audio compression FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec).

Audirvana introduction:

1. Music lovers continue to improve their sound quality requirements, which makes music players and supported formats innovative. introduced this time is a music player that improves sound quality.

2. Audirvana Plus is an open source player used under Mac OS X. It features native support for lossless audio compression code FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), which is different from MP3 lossy compression code, it will not destroy Any original audio information can completely restore the sound quality of the music CD. Of course Audirvana also supports popular music formats such as MP3 and AAC.

3. It is designed to be directly connected to the system’s audio output, so the settings are completely separated from the Mac OS X system environment settings. Even if the ordinary MP3 is played, the sound quality has also been improved. At the same time, because Audirvana is directly connected to the sound output of the system, there will be no sound in other system sounds. The sample rate (Sample Rate) is automatically adjusted and the playback content is obtained from the memory, so the impact from the processor and hard disk can be minimized. Playlist is supported during playback, and Apple IR can also be used for remote control. Friends who have requests for music may wish to try.

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Mac cracked app screenshot:

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